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In order to provide the quality of services you expect, we are open to your feedback and suggestions about your recent visit or experience with our office. If you have had an enjoyable experience, let us know. If you have had an unfavorable experience, please share your thoughts on how we might improve our services. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

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We have enjoyed a positive experience with Lauren's braces. She never had a problem with the braces breaking or having discomfort while wearing her braces. I would recommend Dr. Homon to any new patient.
-Theresa Devincent

Wow! My teeth look so different! They look so nice!
-Lauren Devincent

The staff was really nice. They are always cheerful. I liked how they always explained everything. It wasn't just my mom that knew. They included me in it and made me feel comfortable. Everything went smoothly and problems were always fixed immediately. My favorite parts are the contests and the newsletter; fish tales. I also liked that I won the Name That Baby contest.
-Madison Gouhin

I always recommend your office to anyone interested in orthodontics. I've been through the experience as both a patient and a parent; with both of my experiences being exceptionally positive. As a parent, everything is at the utmost professional level. Appointments are on time, follow-ups are given, and you always know what is going on. As a patient, I am thrilled with the results! I couldn't be happier. It truly makes me smile.
-Carol Allerding

As a dental hygienist, I see several of Dr. Homon's patients in our office. Each patient I have seen has had excellent results. Our office always refers to him, and I knew from the beginning where I was going. My daughter was very nervous at first, and he was patient and made her feel comfortable by answering her questions. I asked her if she'd like to go here, and she quickly answered "yes." Everyone is nice and always friendly in explaining what would be done. Overall it has been a wonderful experience.
-Kathy Pease

Dr. Homon has always been upfront and honest with our family. He explains everything thoroughly and makes us feel comfortable. He seems to be all about the children and really enjoys his job. It doesn't seem like work to him, and I have always been impressed with the results. I would recommend him to anyone.
-Traci Carlino

I like that the games are here. They take away the nervousness, and I hardly have to wait, even though sometimes I want to so I can play. He is also very nice, and it's really easy.
-Jacob Carlino

"Thank you so much for my new smile! Thinking back to when I first came in to discuss my plan, I was hesitant...but your staff does an excellent job at being very professional, informative, and always so nice! My mouth has come a long way and I have you to thank! I just want you all to know that the work that you do every day doesn't go un-noticed!"
- Caroline P

Other Testimonials

Dr. Homon,
Connor recently completed his orthodontic treatments, and his braces have been removed. Shortly after, we received correspondence from you asking for our feedback.

Please rest assured that we are extremely pleased with the treatment that Connor received at your office, and we never hesitate to share our experience with other parents who are considering an orthodontist. Obviously, orthodontic services are not inexpensive, but as an investment in my son's happiness, I do not think that we could have invested our money otherwise and had a more worthwhile return. His smile is beautiful, and he is happy and proud of his teeth. The outcome of your services could not have been better!

We are very grateful for the care and professionalism that your office has provided – and continues to provide – our family. If I could offer constructive criticism of your practice, I would, but I have nothing but praise for your organization.

Thomas Jordan